Pink Tentacle greatest hits 2007 --

As we near the end of 2007, now is the time to look back at Pink Tentacle's most popular stories of the year. Here is a rundown of the top ten crowd-pleasers of 2007 (based on total page views for the year). Enjoy!

1. Rice paddy art: Photos of wonderful crop art in the village of Inakadate. (See also the harvest photos.)

2. Otaku fuel tanks: This mini-gallery of custom-made anime-themed fuel tank door decals was big in Japan.

3. Transparent frogs: Because sometimes it's more convenient to have see-through skin.

4. Frilled shark: Rare footage of a lovely prehistoric creature from the depths.

5. Extreme custom vans: Links to photo galleries of extreme custom vans.

6. Neo-Ruins: Hisaharu Motoda's haunting lithographs of post-apocalyptic Tokyo.

7. RFID powder: Hitachi brings us RFID chips in powdered form.

8. Yuki-taro: Cute robot that gobbles up snow and defecates blocks of ice.

9. Electro-conductive cement: Slightly Star Trek?

10. Japanese buzzwords: List of 60 popular words and phrases of 2007.

Also, special thanks to PC Magazine for including this site in their list of 100 favorite blogs and to the readers of What Japan Thinks for voting this site the Japan technology blog of the year. Next year promises to be chock full of excitement, so make sure to visit again soon!