Teleglass T4N wearable monitor --

Optical device maker Scalar has added a limited-edition model to its line of video glasses. The Teleglass T4-N wearable monitor, which weighs 30 grams and features titanium frames by eyeglass designer Kazuo Kawasaki, was developed in cooperation with long-established manufacturer Masunaga Optical.

Teleglass T4-N connects to any NTSC-capable video player (including iPods) and delivers images directly to the eye via a pair of tiny monitors tucked away behind the lenses. The 640 x 480 screen resolution at close proximity simulates the effect of watching a 45-inch screen from 2 meters (6 feet) away, and each monitor can be focused and adjusted for an optimal picture that reduces eye strain. Audio is delivered through a pair of frame-mounted earphones.

With all the components hidden behind the lenses and crammed into the nosepiece, the lightweight Teleglass T4-N wearable monitor looks like a pair of stylish sunglasses. The monitors do not completely obstruct the view, allowing users to safely and comfortably enjoy audio-video entertainment during the course of everyday activities.

For now, 500 sets are available through the Scalar website, where they sell for 134,400 yen ($1,150) each.

[Link: Teleglass via Gigazine]