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Hayaku: A time lapse journey through Japan

03 Jun 2010

This time-lapse video of Japan -- shot by Brad Kremer in the summer of 2009 -- features impressive footage of Tokyo, Matsuyama, Imabari, Nagano, Gifu, and Mt. Ishizuchi.

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Tokyo Sky Tree time-lapse

26 Feb 2010

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Here is a time-lapse video showing the past year of construction of the massive Tokyo Sky Tree broadcasting tower, which reached a height of 300 meters (984 ft) this month. When completed in December 2011, the tower will stand 634 meters (2,080 ft) tall, making it the tallest structure in Tokyo.

Photos of Sakurajima volcano

25 Feb 2010

On a recent visit to Japan, alien landscape photographer Martin Rietze captured some spectacular images of Sakurajima volcano in Kagoshima prefecture.

Sakurajima volcano, photo by Martin Rietze --
Multiple lightning flashes caused by fast moving fine ash

Sakurajima volcano, photo by Martin Rietze --
Lava bombs hitting the flank

Sakurajima volcano, photo by Martin Rietze --
Strombolian eruption with lightning

Sakurajima volcano, photo by Martin Rietze --
Detail with multiple lightning flashes

Sakurajima volcano, photo by Martin Rietze --
Lava brightens the ash cloud

Sakurajima volcano, photo by Martin Rietze --
Ash eruption causing lightning

Sakurajima volcano, photo by Martin Rietze --
Violent eruption

Sakurajima volcano, photo by Martin Rietze --

The photos were taken between December 24, 2009 and January 10, 2010.

[Link: Martin Rietze]

Time-lapse video of Mt Fuji, Miyajima, Iwate

14 Dec 2009

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The latest time-lapse video by Tokyo-based photographer Samuel Cockedey features captivating views of Mt. Fuji, Miyajima (Itsukushima Shrine), and Iwate prefecture.

Tiësto & Sneaky Sound System – I Will Be Here

20 Oct 2009

The Tokyo cityscape becomes the ultimate light show in this video for "I Will Be Here," the recent collaboration single by Dutch DJ Tiësto and Australian dance music group Sneaky Sound System. Directed by Masashi Muto.

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‘Orb’ paintings by Masakatsu Sashie

01 Sep 2009

Asphalt, by Sashie Masakatsu
Asphalt [+]

Masakatsu Sashie's fantastic "orb" paintings depict large, city-like spheres that float gently above the remains of a failed civilization. The giant orbs, which seem to be self-contained worlds unto themselves, are pieced together from the scraps of old Showa-period buildings and bits of consumer culture, such as vending machines, pachinko parlors, fast food signs, and video game components. Part retro and part sci-fi, the orbs appear to hover gracefully between the worlds of a nostalgic past and a dystopian future.

Secret Base, by Sashie Masakatsu
Secret Base [+]

Slingshot, by Sashie Masakatsu
Slingshot [+]

Electric Mushroom, by Sashie Masakatsu
Electric Mushroom

Closed Town, by Sashie Masakatsu
Closed Town

Cradle, by Sashie Masakatsu

Bazaar, by Sashie Masakatsu
Bazaar [+]

Hoodia, by Sashie Masakatsu

xxx, by Sashie Masakatsu
Scratched Achievement

[Link: Masakatsu Sashie]

Photos: Rice paddy crop art (2009)

07 Jul 2009

Rice paddy art, Japan --
Sengoku-period warrior [Photo]

As summer progresses, crops of rice paddy art are beginning to emerge in Japan. The crop art -- created by strategically arranging and growing different colors of rice plants -- can be seen in farming communities across the country. The largest and finest work is grown in the Aomori prefecture village of Inakadate, which has earned a reputation for its agricultural artistry. This year the enormous pictures of Napoleon and a Sengoku-period warrior, both on horseback, are visible in a pair of fields adjacent to the town hall there.

Rice paddy art, Japan --
View from roof of Inakadate town hall [Photo]

Rice paddy art, Japan --
Warrior [Photo]

Rice paddy art, Japan --
Napoleon [Photo]

Rice paddy art, Japan --
View from top of warrior's head [Photo]

Rice paddy art, Japan --
Warrior's arm [Photo]

Rice paddy art, Japan --
Close-up of rice plants [Photo]

* * * * *

Another relatively famous rice paddy art venue is located in the town of Yonezawa in Yamagata prefecture. This year's work depicts the 16th-century samurai Naoe Kanetsugu and his wife, Osen, whose lives are chronicled in Tenchijin, the popular, year-long historical fiction television series now airing on NHK.

Rice paddy art, Japan --
Naoe Kanetsugu and Osen [Photo: contri]

Rice paddy art, Japan --
Osen [Photo]

Rice paddy art, Japan --
Naoe Kanetsugu [Photo]

Rice paddy art, Japan --
View from top of Naoe Kanetsugu's head [Photo]

* * * * *

Smaller works of crop art can be seen in other rice-farming areas of Japan. Here are a few more examples.

Rice paddy art, Japan --
Doraemon and deer dancers (shishi-odori), location unknown [Photo]

Rice paddy art, Japan --
Ladybug, Nishio, Aichi prefecture [Photo]

Rice paddy art, Japan --
Cow, Omi-Hachiman, Shiga prefecture [Photo]

Rice paddy art, Japan --
Ducks, near Fukushimagata Lagoon Water Park, Niigata prefecture [Photo]

Shinjuku time-lapse

23 Jun 2009

Tokyo-based photographer Samuel Cockedey presents more miraculous views of the Shinjuku cityscape in his latest time-lapse video (featuring minimal beats by Kusanagi).

[Links: YouTube, Vimeo]

Tokyo stereographic projections

21 Apr 2009

Photographer heiwa4126's "Stereographics" photoset on Flickr is an eye-bending collection of "little planet" panoramas and ultra-wide fisheye images shot mostly in Tokyo.

Ultra-wide fisheye image of Tokyo station --
Tokyo Station [heiwa4126]

Wee planet stereographic projection of Tokyo --
Ueno Station [heiwa4126]

Microplanet stereographic projection of Tokyo --
Shin-Arakawa Bridge [heiwa4126]

Little planet stereographic projection of Tokyo --
Higashi-Ayase Park [heiwa4126]

Mini-planet stereographic projection of Tokyo --
Shibaura [heiwa4126]

Panoramic stereographic projection of Tokyo --
Adachi Ward [heiwa4126]

Stereographic panorama of Tokyo --
Katsushika Ward [heiwa4126]

Stereographically projected panorama of Tokyo --
Ueno Station [heiwa4126]

3D panorama of Tokyo --
Tokyo Dome City [heiwa4126]

Spherical panorama of Tokyo --
Shiodome Sio-site [heiwa4126]

Check heiwa4126's photoset for over 150 more high-resolution stereographic projections, and see gadl's "Wee Planet" set for background information and instructions on how to make your own.