AUJIK, a mysterious Shinto group that believes all things in nature -- including the products of human technology -- possess a soul, have created a series of videos showing organic/synthetic artifacts intended to bridge the gap between the natural and artificial worlds.

* * * * *

+ Polygon Graffiti: an Uguisu Morph

This video features a selection of computer-generated artifacts at various locations around Japan.

* * * * *

+ a Forest within a Forest

This video, narrated by a masked AUJIK member named Nashi, explores some of the group's thoughts on technological singularity and artificial selection. AUJIK suggests that the tension between "original" nature (trees, rocks, animals, etc.) and "refined" nature (human technology) is decreasing, and that the two are converging. The group believes it is possible to accelerate this convergence by creating organic/synthetic artifacts such as the ones that appear in the video.

* * * * *


This video shows two children interacting with a robotic tree in a snowy landscape.

* * * * *


This video shows an organic robotic artifact growing from a tree trunk. The music was created from the sound of cicadas.

* * * * *

+ an Anomalous Garden

In this video, an AUJIK member named Madoka explains her thoughts on pattern recognition and how it relates to emotions and consciousness.