While the iPad may or may not revolutionize the way we consume media, it does have the potential to enhance the way we eat.

iDish -- iDish --
"Let's start a new life with iDish"

Introducing iDish, a new concept by iPad enthusiast shiinaneko that transforms the device into a versatile dinner plate.

iDish -- iDish --
Ideal for sushi

To use the iPad as an iDish, simply perform a Google image search to find your dish of choice. For a nice selection of sushi dishes, try searching for "sashimi" and "dish" (刺身, 皿). Display and resize the image, and you are ready to eat.

iDish -- iDish --
Aji (horse mackerel) on iDish

The iPhone/iPod Touch can also be used as an iDish. The compact size is suitable for soy sauce or small servings of tofu.

iDish -- iDish --
iPhone as iDish

Of course, iDish is also suitable for cuisines other than Japanese.

iDish -- iDish --
Curry rice and shumai dumplings on iDish

The possibilities are endless.

[Link: shiinaneko]