"Robot Age," a series of illustrations published by Sh┼Źnen Sunday magazine in 1969, offers a glimpse into a utopian future populated by sophisticated robots.

Robot Age magazine, 1969 --
Robot workers [View full image]

In the coming Robot Age, assembly lines will be manned by tireless robot workers. Once the robots start building newer and better versions of themselves, the need for human factory workers will cease to exist.

Robot Age magazine, 1969 --
Robot nanny [View full image]

Autonomous robot nannies will care for the kids when mom is busy. In addition to singing and playing games, these gentle robots will breastfeed babies and cuddle them when they cry.

Robot Age magazine, 1969 --
Surgical micro-robots [View full image]

Surgical micro-robots that navigate the human body will usher in a new era of medicine. Equipped with lasers and tiny hands, these miniature machines will be able to perform delicate operations inside the body (such as replacing damaged blood vessels with artificial ones), reducing the need for open surgery.

[Images via: Tokyo Scum Brigade]

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