Here are some photos of giant snow sculptures from the 60th annual Sapporo Snow Festival, which runs until February 11.

Yuki Matsuri 2009 --
Hakodate Magistrate's Office [Photo: Moontears]

?60????????? --
Kinnikuman [Photo: Talk P]

??? --
Namdaemun (check out the the LIVE WEBCAM [WMP]) [Photo: Sasakei]

Yuki Festival 2009 --
Namdaemun under construction [Photo: tetsu]

Snow Festival, Sapporo, Hokkaido --
Olympic gold medalist swimmer Kōsuke Kitajima [Photo: Sasakei]

Snow sculpture --
Kitajima under construction [Photo: tetsu]

60th Anniversary Snow Festival 2009 --
Hamamatsu Castle [Photo: Talk P]

Yuki Matsuri 2009 --
Sento-kun & Manto-kun [Photo: tetsu]

Sapporo Snow Festival 2009 --
25 years in Japan [Photo: Sasakei]

Ice sculpture --
Japan Self-Defense Force soldiers cleaning mouse heads [Photo: Reuters]

Ice sculpture --
Stitch [Photo: Talk P]

????? --
Tsuyo Ink [Photo: Sapporo Snow Festival Official Site]

?????? --
Snow Zoo [Photo: bigarnex]

?????? --
Alien Baltan [Photo: bigarnex]

?????? --
Pekkle [Photo: bigarnex]