Freelance creative designer Ryosuke Tei has done a few animated motion IDs for MTV Asia/China that are inspired by Saiyuki ("Journey to the West"), the classic Chinese adventure novel about a monk's trek to India in search of Buddhist texts.

In the first video, followers of the monk Genjo Sanzo (Xuanzang) psychically transmit a message from the Buddha urging him to go west.

Go West!! (1/3)

The second one introduces the three protectors that accompany Sanzo on his quest: the powerful monkey king Son Goku (Sun Wukong), the gluttonous and libidinous pig Cho Hakkai (Zhu Bajie) and the river ogre Sa Gojo (Sha Wujing).

Go West!! (2/3)

Check Tei's YouTube page for more animated shorts, including this music video for French electronica artist DJ Missill's "Forward," which features a giant guitar-playing robo-rabbit that frees the oppressed minds of jackbooted soldiers.

[Forward] DJ Missill

The video was produced by Furi Furi Company, the creative design agency Tei established and directed for 10 years before going freelance in 2008.

[Link: Ryosuke Tei]