Monkey on the loose in Shibuya --

***UPDATE: The monkey has been spotted in the Omotesando area.***

Police in Tokyo are on the lookout for a wild monkey on the loose in the Shibuya area. The monkey -- identified as a Japanese macaque -- was spotted inside Shibuya station this morning (August 20), much to the surprise of morning commuters. (Watch an NNN news report.)

According to the Tokyu Corporation, which operates the Tokyu Toyoko line at Shibuya station, a security officer spotted the monkey climbing around inside the station at 9:45 AM. When the monkey perched itself on a sign, police and station employees tried unsuccessfully to trap it with nets.

Monkey on the loose in Shibuya --

After an hours-long standoff, the monkey made a run for it through the crowded station. Police and curious onlookers took chase, but the monkey eluded them by crossing a busy street and climbing up along the Yamanote line tracks. Its whereabouts are now unknown.

City officials say there has been a rise in Tokyo-area monkey sightings in recent weeks. A monkey was spotted in Koganei on August 12, and sightings were reported at three locations in Setagaya ward on August 18.

[Source: Yahoo!]

ADDED: At least one eyewitness captured the chaotic scene on cellphone video...

...and here's some pretty amazing eyewitness video of the panic that ensues when the monkey makes a run for it...

...and AP has some clean, raw footage as well...