Push-kun, a.k.a. Mr. Push --

At first glance it looks like a trash can, but Push-kun (a.k.a. Mr. Push) is a robot that moves around on crab-like legs, tells jokes, plays drum rolls on itself, tosses oversized dice and performs other screwball antics. Created by Osaka-based Robot Force, Push-kun's pointless and impractical (and entertaining) nature earned it a spot in the Baka RoboCup 2007 competition, which aims to recognize the year's stupidest (and most entertaining) robots. Push-kun fared well in the contest, but the prize went to a more worthy opponent. Check out Push-kun's moves in this video shot at a recent robot conference in Tokyo.

A little red robot named OniRoppo, also created by Robot Force, appears toward the end of the video.