Photographer Kimiko Yoshida transforms herself into the brides of the world in an ongoing series of self-portraits taken over the last seven years.

The Sakura Bride --
The Sakura Bride, 2006

The Cyber Bride --
The Cyber Bride, 2003

The Green Tea Bride --
The Green Tea Bride, 2006

The Mao Bride --
The Mao Bride, 2006

The Pokemon Bride --
The Pokemon Bride, 2002

The Tamates Bride, Vanuatu --
The Tamates Bride, Vanuatu, 2003

The Afghani Bride with a Bukhara Cap --
The Afghani Bride with a Bukhara Cap, 2005

The Shinto Bride --
The Shinto Bride, 2002

Browse the entire collection of 150+ nuptial beauties at Yoshida's website (not entirely safe for work).