These videos by Ne-o feature unique spatial-temporal visual tricks spiced with dark humor and slices of mundane-but-fantastic Tokyo scenery.

Futureshock -- "Late at Night": Music video with some great night scenery, featuring an unlikely cast of nocturnal characters doing a crazy body-popping dance.

Humanity: Man merges with machine in this Toyota CM for an automobile with a very human touch. This film won the 2006 Cannes Silver Lion.

Salaryman 6: A salaryman trapped in a routine, day-to-day existence loses his memory. The film is shot in ultra-widescreen format to capture the drama of the futuristic Tokyo cityscape, and while some of the cinematic beauty may shine through on your paltry YouTube window, this was clearly meant for the big screen.

B3: A weird trip through a deserted underground parking garage, created from still photos using 3D composting and morphing techniques.

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