Smart Loop crop circle ad visible from space --

Next time you float past Hokkaido, look down upon the town of Urahoro. There in a field you will see a giant geoglyph that spells out the words "Smart Loop."

This crop circle message is the work of a highly advanced race of aliens Pioneer, which has taken shears to grass to promote its latest Smart Loop car navigation system. Pioneer spent a month working on the 1,000 x 200 meter (3,280 x 660 feet) ad, and has filed an application with Guinness to get it officially recognized as the world's longest (widest?) geoglyph.

While the geoglyph is certainly large, it faces some stiff competition from the likes of Marree Man in Australia, which measures 4.2 km from head to toe and is recognized as the world's largest manmade artwork, and the triangular Area 51 bombing target, which measures about 1 km per side.

Pioneer is now in the process of obtaining satellite photos of its crop circle message from 680 kilometers (420 miles) up. It is unclear whether the work will appear on Google Maps, but here is the location just in case.

[Source: Carview]