Koichiro Tsujikawa is a self-taught video artist who began as a graphic designer and visual producer for live concerts. Here are a few of his surreal works...

- Untitled (2004): This short film about an alien athlete was commissioned by Panasonic for the 2004 Olympics.

- Eyes (2004): This video was commissioned by Getty Images as part of The Big Idea, where filmmakers created short pieces from Getty Images content (check the link for other cool shorts). Soundtrack by Cornelius.

- Fit Song - Cornelius (2006): Household objects go crazy when stop-motion video meets computer animation. From the album "Sensuous."

- Beep It - Cornelius (2006): Also from the "Sensuous" album. More stop-motion madness with household objects.

Check out Koichiro Tsujikawa's homepage for more background info and links to other videos for Cornelius, as well as for UA, Rip Slyme, and more.