Alarm Service --

Ohayo gozaimasu. Heavy sleepers in Japan no longer need to fret about snoozing through alarm clocks and morning wake-up calls. Alarm Service, which appears to be a company based in Osaka, provides extreme wake-up services guaranteed to have its sleepy customers awake in time for their morning appointments. After an order is placed, an agent is dispatched to the customer's bedside at the prescribed wake-up time to perform the deed, which can involve the use of anything from condiments to household appliances. Prices are inexpensive, ranging from 500 yen ($4) for a dab of wasabi applied under the nose to 1,500 yen ($12) for hot S&M candle wax dripped on the stomach. Click around on the company website for video demonstrations of the services, or watch some of them on YouTube. The methods appear to be effective enough, but in the disclaimer at the end of each video, the company denies responsibility for any problems resulting from your decision to go back to sleep.

[Via: Korokoro Zaeega Gakuen]