Skyfish --

The skyfish (also known as "rod" or "flying rod") is a type of cryptid that flies through the air at speeds faster than the human eye can see. Here are two promotional videos (with English subtitles) for a set of Japanese DVDs documenting how to catch skyfish.

Video 1: How To Catch A Skyfish (Japan)

Video 2: How To Catch A Skyfish (International)

About halfway through the second video, one of the skyfish hunters shows off his spoodle, a special tool used for catching skyfish. According to this spoodle website, there are 100 ways to use the tool -- including a number of practical uses not related to catching skyfish. A set of two spoodles and a skyfish decoy sells for 57,454 yen (US$499).

Spoodle --

Visit the Skyfish Maniax website for details on how to purchase the DVDs (which do not yet appear to have been subtitled in English).