Asia Blog Awards

AsiaPundit is hosting the Asia Blog Awards, which, as the name suggests, are meant to recognize and reward the best English-language blogs in, by and about Asia. The nominees have been selected, and with public voting set to begin in early September, the stage has been set for a fierce competition.

Here are the nominees for Best Japan Blog:

- An Englishman in Osaka
- Frangipani
- Japan Probe
- Japan Window
- Neomarxisme
- Pink Tentacle
- Plunge Pontificates
- Sushi and Maple Syrup
- TV in Japan

Amazingly, this site was selected as a nominee. (Thanks, AsiaPundit!) Pink Tentacle will probably get sliced and diced into little takoyaki balls, but still, it's a thrill to be listed alongside such esteemed company. If you are interested in Asian blogs, check out all the sites and register to vote.

[Link: Asia Blog Awards]