World's largest display

Mitsubishi Electric has completed construction of the world's largest high-definition video screen at a horse track in Tokyo. The screen employs Mitsubishi's Aurora Vision LED technology and measures 11.2 meters (37 feet) x 66.4 meters (218 feet), giving it a surface area of 744 square meters (8,000+ square feet), or the equivalent of 3 tennis courts. Mitsubishi manufactured the screen for the Japan Racing Association (JRA) at its Nagasaki factory in the town of Togitsu, Nagasaki prefecture. The screen was divided into 35 pieces for delivery to the Tokyo Racecourse in Fuchu, Tokyo.

The bright, high-definition display is 3 times larger than what was previously installed at the horse track, and the screen's three sections allow the audience to take in the action at other tracks. Total cost is reported to be 3.2 billion yen (US$28 million).

[Source: Asahi Shimbun]


UPDATE: Check out this Fuji TV news report on YouTube. The video shows an athletic reporter sprinting from one end of the 2,651-inch monster to the other (in 12.8 seconds). You'd have to stack 1,550 32-inch TVs to match the size of this screen. [Via: TV in Japan]