Animals mimicking human behavior are a favorite staple of the Japanese media, and lately, for some reason or other, there has been a dramatic increase in the number of wire photos of animals playing soccer. Perhaps it is a sign that fascination with the sport extends deep into the animal kingdom. Regardless, we are not alone...

Crab playing soccer
Crabs play soccer, too.

Crow playing soccer
Crows play soccer, too.

Ants playing soccer
Ants play soccer, too.

Elepant playing soccer
Elephants play soccer, too.

Orangutan playing soccer
Orangutans play soccer, too.

Sea lion playing soccer
Sea lions play soccer, too.

Guinea pig playing soccer
Guinea pigs play soccer, too.

Blue tang playing soccer
Blue tang play soccer, too.

Sea turtle playing soccer
Sea turtles play soccer, too.

Hopefully, as the Samurai Blue prepare to square off in a do-or-die match against Brazil, they take comfort in knowing they have the full support of our feral friends, too. Gambare Nippon!