Combi's maglev baby rockerCombi?s maglev ?Roanju Auto Swing? baby rocker will hit stores on February 3, the company announced today. The rocker, which uses electromagnets to gently swing its passenger, will be available in two models -- the standard model RU-650 (68,250 yen) and the luxury model RU-700 (73,500 yen). The company is aiming for sales of 40,000 units in the first year.

A light push of the hand activates the electromagnet-powered swinging, which continues for about 15 minutes. The rocker is silent compared to motor-driven models -- better for the little passenger to enjoy the audio system pre-loaded with 7 songs, including lullabies by Mozart and Brahms, and Grandfather's Clock.

The sides of the rocker fold down to simplify the process of changing diapers, and the luxury model features an ergonomic inner sheet that supports the child?s head and back in a comfortable position. Designed for ages 0 to 4, the rocker is available in soft white or clear yellow (standard model), or in ivory (luxury model).

[Source: Nikkei BP]