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Louis Vuitton bugged by ‘Batta Mon’ sculptures

28 Jun 2010

Nine locust sculptures made from fake designer bags were removed from an art exhibit in Kobe, Japan after a complaint lodged by luxury fashion house Louis Vuitton.

Batta Mon --
Locust sculptures made from fake designer bags

The works -- created by Kyoto-based artist Mitsuhiro Okamoto -- were on display at the Kobe Fashion Museum from April 15 until their removal in May.

Batta Mon --
Batta Mon LV

The sculptures, which measure about 40 centimeters (16 in) long, are titled "Batta Mon" -- a play on the words batta ("locust") and battamon (slang for "knockoff"). According to the artist, the works are meant to raise questions about the relationship between authenticity and imitation in a consumer-driven society.

Batta Mon --
Batta Mon LV M Mr

Unfortunately, Okamoto's social commentary was lost on Louis Vuitton, who claim the Batta Mon sculptures represent an endorsement of the illegal trade in counterfeit goods. The Kobe Fashion Museum promptly removed the sculptures from the exhibit in May, after receiving a letter of complaint from Louis Vuitton claiming that the works damage the image of their luxury products because they incorporate material from counterfeit products.

Batta Mon --
Batta Mon LV M Mc

A museum official told reporters that it was unclear whether or not the exhibit infringed on trademark rights, but said that the museum removed the pieces to avoid a legal dispute.

Batta Mon --
Batta Mon LV Da

Okamoto, who was not pleased with the museum's eagerness to bow to the will of a large corporation, said, "It is ridiculous to lump the Batta Mon sculptures into the same category as counterfeit products made for commercial purposes."

Louis Vuitton declined to comment on the matter.

Batta Mon --
Batta Mon LV M De

Five of Okamoto's Batta Mon sculptures are made from fake Louis Vuitton bags. The other four are made from fake Chanel, Gucci, Coach, and Fendi bags.

Batta Mon --
Batta Mon CC

Batta Mon --
Batta Mon GC

Batta Mon --
Batta Mon CC

Batta Mon --
Batta Mon FD

[Sources: Asahi // Mitsuhiro Okamoto]

Chanel samurai armor

07 Jan 2010

Coco Chanel samurai armor by Tetsuya Noguchi --

In a salute to luxury brand Chanel, artist Tetsuya Noguchi has created some concept samurai armor suits designed to appeal to the fashion-conscious warrior. Made from resin, cashew lacquer, cloth and glass, the exquisitely crafted protective suits sport the iconic double-C logo, allowing the wearer to flaunt his superior social status while crushing the enemy on the battlefield.

Coco Chanel samurai armor by Tetsuya Noguchi --

Coco Chanel samurai armor by Tetsuya Noguchi -- Coco Chanel samurai armor by Tetsuya Noguchi --

Coco Chanel samurai armor by Tetsuya Noguchi --

- Samurai dog armor
- PET bottle armor
- Mickey the Knight

Space wedding

19 Jun 2008

Space wedding --

Space transportation provider Rocketplane Kistler Japan has teamed up with wedding planner First Advantage to begin hosting weddings aboard the Rocketplane XP suborbital spaceplane. A cool 240 million yen ($2.2 million) buys you a wedding ceremony aboard a 1-hour space flight that reaches an altitude of more than 100 kilometers (62.1 miles), as well as a photo and video album, original dress, wedding certificate and other ceremonial items. The otherworldly price tag also includes the cost of transportation to and from the launch site, accommodations, a live broadcast of the ceremony to friends and family at a reception hall on the ground, and 4 days of rehearsal. The space wedding services are scheduled to begin in 2011, but the group will start accepting applications early next month.

[Link: Space Wedding]

Industrial-strength dog bath

13 Jun 2008

Wan Love Yu --

Control device manufacturer IDEC has developed a high-tech dog bath system called Wan Love Yu ("Dog Love Bath"), which eliminates the need for shampoo by relying on technology typically found in industrial water treatment systems. Wan Love Yu features a special shower head that discharges water containing approximately 600,000 tiny air bubbles per cubic centimeter. At 20 microns in diameter (5 times smaller than the width of a human hair), the air bubbles are small enough to penetrate the dog's skin and hair follicles to effectively remove dirt and odor. The high-tech jacuzzi system, which consists of a special shower head and suction hose attached to a 27.5 x 27.5 x 43 centimeter main unit, is designed for use with ordinary bathtubs. The system will go on sale June 20 at a price of between 600,000 and 700,000 yen (around $6,000 to $7,000).

[Source: Fuji Sankei]

PC cases made from platinum, gold, diamonds

28 Jan 2008

Zeus Computer Jupiter (Platinum) and Mars (Gold) --

Tokyo-based Zeus Computer is reaching out to deep-pocketed celebrities and the nouveau riche with a line of luxury personal computers housed in bejeweled cases crafted from precious metals. The selection includes an 80 million yen ($760,000) pure platinum "Jupiter" model and a more modestly priced 60 million yen ($570,000) solid gold "Mars" model, both of which feature a blaze of inset diamonds patterned to look like the zodiac constellations and the Milky Way. The cases contain a 3GHz Intel Core 2 Duo E6850-powered machine with a 256MB GeForce 7200GS VGA card, a 1000GB serial ATA hard drive, 2048MB of memory, a Blu-ray/HD-DVD optical drive and more, and Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate OEM comes pre-installed -- but who's going to look inside?

[Link: Zeus Computer via Negitaku]

Video: Luxury toilet built into aquarium

30 Nov 2007

Aquarium toilet --

When nature calls at the beachside Mumin Papa Cafe in the city of Akashi (Hyogo prefecture), patrons have the luxury of using an underwater restroom built into the side of a giant aquarium filled with exotic fish and a sea turtle that likes to watch. According to the cafe owner, the 30-million-yen ($270,000) sub-aquatic restroom is designed to recreate the pleasant sensation of relieving yourself while swimming in the ocean. Unfortunately for male patrons, however, the submerged toilet is for women only. When asked about the voyeuristic turtle, the owner admits it is male and a bit of a letch.


Solid gold Hello Kitty playing cards

28 Sep 2007

Solid gold Hello Kitty playing cards ---

On September 27, Sanrio announced plans to begin selling solid gold Hello Kitty playing cards, which the company will make available through its online shop beginning October 3. Each of the 54 cards (2 jokers included) measures 58 x 89 mm and is made from 0.73 gram of 99.99% pure gold. Pressed to a thickness of 7 microns with precision rolling technology developed by the Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, the cards are sealed in a protective laminate printed with colorful designs that depict Hello Kitty in royal dress.

Solid gold Hello Kitty playing cards --

The reverse side of the cards show Hello Kitty against a background featuring the Union Jack and apples, a reference to the fact that Hello Kitty was born in London and is said to be 3 apples heavy and 5 apples tall.

The cards are priced at 567,000 yen ($4,900).

[Link: Sanrio Online Shop]

Hot-rod bath

18 Sep 2007

Tetsuya Nakamura's Premium Unit Series --
(Premium Unit Bath)

Artist Tetsuya Nakamura?s Premium Unit Series of curvaceous, luxury bathroom fixtures -- a tub, a pair of sinks, a step designed for insertion into a stairwell, and a decorative column -- are sculpted from fiber-reinforced plastic and painted with colorful, fluid patterns meant to evoke a sense of speed. Nakamura, who created the Premium Unit Series with the DIY-er in mind, encourages the purchaser to add his or her own custom paint job, body modifications and part upgrades, despite the 3 million yen ($26,000) cost of the tub and 1.5 million yen ($13,000) price tag on each of the other items. According to the accompanying disclaimer, Nakamura's heavy emphasis on form -- and relative disregard for function -- means bathers should enter the tub at their own risk, as the artist and dealer assume no responsibility for injuries or accidents that may occur.

Tetsuya Nakamura's Premium Unit Series --
(Premium Unit Sink)

Tetsuya Nakamura's Premium Unit Series --
(Premium Unit Sink)

Tetsuya Nakamura's Premium Unit Series --
(Premium Unit Step/Premium Unit Pillar)

[Link: Nippon Style]

Platinum Gundam

30 Mar 2007

Gundam Fix Platinum --- Bandai and Ginza Tanaka have teamed up to create a Mobile Suit Gundam made from pure platinum. Called Gundam Fix Platinum, the 12.5-cm (5-in.) tall, 1.4-kg (3-lb.) work features 89 separate parts and a head adorned with a 0.15 carat diamond. Hajime Katoki, a mechanical designer and illustrator noted for his work in a range of anime and games, oversaw the two-year long production process.

According to the Bandai press release, the aim of the platinum Gundam masterpiece is to combine the pure, rare and eternal nature of platinum with the everlasting Gundam worldview. While Ginza Tanaka hopes to attract attention to the beauty and value of platinum, Bandai hopes to boost Gundam's name recognition around the world, nearly 30 years after the first anime episode aired on Japanese TV.

The platinum Gundam will be exhibited at BASELWORLD 2007, an annual watch and jewelry show held in Basel, Switzerland beginning April 12. After that, it will return to Japan.

There are currently no plans to sell the Gundam, but Bandai estimates its value at $250,000 (30 million yen).

[Sources: Fuji Sankei, Bandai press release]