HRP-4C, a female humanoid robot created by Japan's National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), made her first professional runway appearance at a fashion show in Osaka today.

HRP-4C robot in wedding dress -- HRP-4C robot in wedding dress --
Here comes the robot bride -- HRP-4C models a wedding dress

The chic robot, who stands 158 centimeters (5 ft 2 in) tall and weighs 43 kilograms (95 lbs) with her batteries installed, wore a wedding dress by designer Yumi Katsura.

HRP-4C robot in wedding dress -- Although much less hurried than her flesh-and-bone catwalk peers, the HRP-4C strolled smoothly up and down the 10-meter runway, struck various poses, and gazed sidelong at the delighted audience.

The positive response of the crowd shows the robot may have a future in entertainment, just as her creators suggested at her unveiling in March. At that event, they claimed HRP-4C's realistic looks had the potential to draw crowds at amusement parks and promotional events.

Developer Kazuhito Yokoi, who appeared at today's fashion show in a tuxedo, expressed his wishes for the robot's future. "We hope she can work in fashion and entertainment," he said, staring pensively at the stage.

Then, as if seeing his creation in a bridal gown had stirred his emotions, he added, "Like the father of a bride, I feel both happy and sad."

[Source: Chunichi]